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Secure Database Administration Area
for Real Time Management

Every site comes with a way for you to quickly manage the content on your site. Here are some of the things you can do in the admin area.

Note: this is written as goat specific, but can be easily applied to other breeds of animals, as well as multiple breeds on a single site (one site has goats, sheep, cows, llamas, dogs and others)..

Add / Modify an Animal

You can add an animal to appear on the for sale page, or on a category page like Bucks, Does, Wethers, New Kids, or Show Goats. In the admin area, you can add the following;

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • DOB
  • Price
  • Sire and Dam
  • Expand to a 3 Generation Pedigree
  • Description (using a text editor to allow formatting)
  • 3 Pictures
  • Captions for the Pictures

You can then update the information at your convenience, including changing the sale price, marking the goat as sold, replacing the pictures with updated pictures, changing the captions, moving the goat from the bucks to the sales page, or deleting the goat from the site.

There is also a way to generate paypal links that you can send in email to allow a customer to pay online by credit card.

Add Page Text

On the site, you will have a number of areas that you can directly update the text on the page. This allows you to make temporary announcements on your site at the touch of your fingers.

Most people use these areas to indicate that they have posted new goats for sale, or that they are going to be attending a particular show over the weekend, or that they have acquired a new buck.

An HTML editor is present on the server, allowing you to format your text in a variety of ways, including using bold text, colored text, HTML headers, and tables.

This simple to use system allows you to frequently make small updates on your site -- something search engines like to see to know that the site is an active web site.

Add Pictures

You can add as many pictures as your site needs, as often as you want. The server will resize the pictures for you, so you don't even have to be an expert in photo software.

Add New Pages and Sections

From your admin area, you can add as many pages as you need with a simple web form, then can immediately start to add new content to those pages.

Update over 95% of the Content in Real-time

The ability to add or change around 95% of the data on your site gives you the power to control the information your visitors are seeing in real time. If you need to increase a price, it is easily done. If you have time on a rainy day, you can simply add as much content to your site (including those sales records) as you have the time.

Add a Slideshow

Do you have a lot of pictures that you would like to show and put captions to, but don't want to take up the real estate on your site to show them on the entire page -- well, you can add a flashy slideshow of those pictures, adding as many pictures as you need.

Change the way the Animals are Presented

Choose from at least 11 different ways to display the animal records on your site. If you would like to show large pictures, full pedigrees and complete information about the animals, you can choose that. If you would prefer only showing thumbnail images that can be clicked on, you can choose that. Plus, a number of options in between where you can show partial information and then the visitor can click to learn more.

View Contact Forms

Every time someone visits your site and fills out a contact form, their information is added to your database. So, if you have email difficulties somewhere down the line, your forms are saved and you will not have lost those contacts.

View Website Statistics

Through the admin area, you will be provided with a link to view advanced statistics of your site, including the number of visitors your site is getting, how they are being referred, and what pages they are looking at.

View Archived CCFDesign Newsletters

You can also go back and see all of the old newsletters, which are full of marketing information to help you get your site listed in all of the locations it needs to be listed, and get more visitors (and more sales).

Coming Soon...

The admin area is continually growing. Here are some components that are going to be added in the next few months:

Spam Free Guestbook

Over the years, a number of people have asked if having a guestbook would be a good idea, and until now, the answer was usually no, because they were subject to immense amounts of spam. Soon, however, we will roll out a spam-free guestbook, that has moderation capabilities and image verification.

Simple Order Form

If you want to sell goat milk cheese or soap or another single item type, you can set this up in your admin area. This is not a shopping cart (which can run a lot of money), but is a form that people can fill out and place invoicable orders from your site (think of it like a paper catalog order form).

Testing is underway on two of our sites right now, so this option could be available now, if you need it.

Add Watermarks to your Pictures

If you don't want anyone to steal your pictures, you will have the option to add a watermark to the picture - subtly putting your site's logo on various parts of the pictures to clearly mark it as yours.

Ask the Expert Module

Are you one of those people who likes to answer questions and provide help to your visitors (and potential clients)? If so, the web needs you, and we are going to make a module that allows you to field online questions and give responsible answers to help out the community. This will guarantee that your site gets more visitors (people like free help - and will often turn to the helpers when it is time to purchase).
...and that's not all. There are other things in the planning stage. If you have any additional ideas for what you would like to be able to do on your site, don't hesitate to ask. Most of these ideas came from existing customers who had a desire, and the admin area allows that to be fulfilled.
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