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The Anatomy of a Boer Goat Drawing

We were looking at getting an original embroidered flag made for the farm, so we turned to our artistic side. Unlike some of the photo effects seen on another page, these are drawings in Photoshop.

This page is going to load slowly because the pictures are of a pretty good quality. Please be patient.

First, you draw the outline of your goat. Boer goats are pretty easy to do in a profile like this -- very few distinguishing features. On our prize goat, Venus, you really just see eyes, horns, white on the bridge of the nose, ear, color on neck and mouth. Extra lines create the folds in the skin.
Next, using a brush tool with varying degrees of opacity, flow and boer goat colors, paint the fur appropriate colors. Fill in the white. This gives an interesting water-color feel.
Add some "noise" to the drawing, which creates a bit of an edge, and a degree of depth. The noise effectively fills in some of the places that may
To complete the effect, I duplicated the original layer (leaving both visible), adjusted the opacities of the two layers, and added some shading, coloring and noise to the white fur and the horns to give it a more realistic look. I also added a background color, which fills in the remainder of the transparent spots. The final step was softening the lines a bit.

Flip Side

Here is another side of Venus. This was actually the first one I did. Again, the drawing is pretty easy to do. Horns, bridge of nose, nose/mouth, ear (ripped in this case - long story), neck color change.
I didn't capture the original paint effect, but it was similar (although not as smooth) as the one above. This is after adding noise, and coloring in the horns (with some noise). In this one, I had more contrast on the ear colors against the face and neck. Since this was my first effort, I thought less was more, so only used 3 primary colors on the face.
With the an opacity of 75%, you can see how adding a darker background shows through the lighter ears. In this step, I also cleaned up the horn a bit.
The final step involved duplicating the image, and adjusting both the levels and the opacity to create a velvet effect. Click on this picture to bring up a larger, more detailed image. Hard to believe it is a drawing.

Enhancer II

Again, with a buck profile, it is not too difficult. You do add the Goatee, and normally you will see a thicker face.
Since I have done this three times now, I am getting better with the detail on the water color (I went with a "more is more" thing here). This uses a bunch of colors (all sampled from Enhancer's picture). By using a lot of different colors, each with different opacities and flow rates, you can cover up mistakes and blend the colors together (the undo button and history feature work pretty good, too).
Then, I duplicated the layer, added some noise, added some detail to the shadow on Enhancer's neck, and put in a light background color.
With another duplication, varying levels of opacity etc., and a darker background color, you get this effect that is hard to believe is the same drawing. I also toned down the "cartoon" lines in the final version. Click on the picture to see it larger.

Enhancer II (Oblique)

Oblique angles are a little harder. Sometimes you end up with things that don't appear to belong. When Enhancer looks at me at this angle, normally you can see his other ear hanging down. In a drawing, it looks out of place (just like the second horn, which I eliminated in each of the pictures). You also end up with more shadows, and the front of the nose normally doesn't look right. In the shell, I think I was able to get all of the things I needed.
If you are following along, you know this is my fourth one, and I am getting better. Again, I am using more colors, but I am getting better at blending them (and I know what the end result is going to look like, so I know where I have to be detailed, and where the layers will "cover" my mistakes or lack of detail. I tried to get more detail on the horns on this one in the initial stages (instead of waiting until the end).
Again, after adding noise, some of the colors blend together a little better. Some of the colors still stand out too much at this stage in this particular one. I might have done a better job at blending colors, or maybe some of the colors I tried to match were not exactly correct.

But in the final picture, it seems to come through. Working with layers and opacities, I got the effect I desired. Click on the image to see a full detail picture.

This was my favorite and I have used it a number of times.

This completes the morph (if you have a fast internet connection -- or don't mind the wait -- click on the animated gif above (or here) to see a larger version of that morph.

Click Here for More Drawings

Click Here for Drawings from Iraq

If you would like to use any of these pictures, please fill out our contact form to request permission.
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