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This page is designed to detail some of the services listed on the price list of the cost page.

If you are a returning visitor to this page, you might notice that I have reduced the options and extra fees. I used to charge for more extras that I just throw in for free now.

Try out the Web Design Worksheet to see how much your desired web site will cost.

Services offered

Click the links to read more about each service

* First year free

Web hosting

Domain Names are free with the annual maintenance..

Hosting: Web pages are hosted through a hybrid plan at, at a discounted price of $99.99 per year. We set this up and manage it for you.

Hosting Specifics for Small Farm Plan
300 MB Disk Space
40 GB Bandwidth
40 E-Mail Accounts
40 E-Mail Aliases
40 E-Mail MRA
1 Domain (more can easily be added)
2 Databases
5 Domain Aliases
5 Sub-Domain
Email Forwarding
Custom Error Pages
Shared SSL
Daily Backup
DNS Zone Editor
Reliable Windows 2003 Servers with IIS 6.0

note: these specs are the general limits I can provide details if required.

With any of the plans, and $80 is required up front to cover set-up costs. This fee is non-refundable, but will be deducted from the overall price of the site (essentially it covers domain name and set-up fees). Click here for my Paypal Gateway page.


As with other sections of my site, this used to be more specific, but over time I have made changes to remove the limitations.

Most sites start off with 5-10 pages. The common pages are:

  • Home Page
  • Sale Page
  • Contact Page
  • Links Page
  • Map Page
  • Animals pages (e.g. Bucks, Does, Dogs and/or seperate pages for different breeds of goats (Boer, Kiko, Pygmy, Savanna, etc.) or different breeds of dogs (Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherds etc).

The website owner is responsible for the text, but I provide a lot of expert advice on writing the text for the pages to make them receive higher search engine rankings.

Each page typically will have 300 words of text and 3 - 7 pictures.


For sites that are being redesigned that are over 10 pages, please contact me about the possibility of a nominal fee to include them in the redesign.

Options / Extras

Here is one area that I have changed over time. I see that some sites charge $5 to crop and optimize pictures. I used to charge $1.99. Now, I just do it for free. I had a charge for scanning images, but you should just buy a digital camera.

Additional extras/options (these are things I used to charge for - but I actually have never charged for any of them).

  1. Hit Count -- Not needed/recommended. The web stats are more accurate and meaningful. If you really want one, I will provide recommendations.
  2. A page with a map and directions to your farm;
  3. A page which you can have links to other sites;
  4. A monthly report of your site activity. This will include data about how many hits your site has had, how people are finding your site, and a bunch of other data.


Note: I am no longer designing web sites without the maintenance package (there are too many complications involved in passing a design to a client).

The annual maintenance price is $399. This includes changing/adding whatever text you want, adding pictures, pages and text to your site. Changes are typically made within 48 hours.

Ultimately, what sets me apart from other designers (other than my professional designs) is that my maintenance package is designed for significant growth. Search engine crave sites with content that is updated regularly and is on a growth curve. Stagnant websites remain stagnant in search engine results.

Additionally, the maintenance includes the advanced database system that allows you to make real time changes to your site. Click the link to read more about the admin area.

I have set up a sample site at where you can see how the system works.

On average, I spend around 2 hours per month doing updates. A number of designers have hourly rater up to $50 an hour (imagine having to pay $100 a month to update a site selling $400 goats!!)

Please compare my services with my competitors.

Simplified Fee Breakdown

Web Site Design $99.00
Domain Name First Year Free
Web Site Hosting $99.99
Maintenance and database system $399.99
Total (first year) $598.98
Total (year 2 and beyond) $498.99



Finally, there is no banner advertising on your page. The templates will contain a discreet reference to CCFDesign. If you don't want that, you can add $2 per page. CCFDesign reserves the right to use the pages designed as reference for future sales.

*Domain registration is free for the first year with full service. Renewal of domain names is $35 for clients who do not have web services with CCFDesign.

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