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NOTICE: is no longer creating new web sites. The high cost of technology has made this business no longer profitable. I would like to thank all of the clients who I developed sites for and wish them all the best of luck

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The price for a custom web site is very competitive. I recently did market research comparing web designers in the small farm (specifically boer goat) market and found that my rates are superior when compared to my main competitors. Click here for more information, including a chart comparison within the boer goat market .

* First two years free with annual maintenance plan


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Any questions can be directed either through the form at the bottom of the worksheet, or e-mailed to, or go to the FAQ page.

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You will be satisfied with the output. In the first year of many of the web sites, they generate thousands of dollars in revenue just from the internet and many are able to get over to 15,000 visits.

One client (Bluebird Ranch), earned $1250 in sales within 36 hours of the site going public and recently earned $13,000 in one month of sales directly from the internet.


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Sites designed by CCFDesign respond well to search engines (top 10 in Google for phrases like "Boer Goats For Sale" "Boer Goat Information" "Boer Goat Care" "Boer Goat Articles"***). The goal is to get this site into the top for search phrases like "Boer Goat Web Design", "Small Farm Web Design" and "Breeder Web Design." Getting to the top means that a site adheres to proper search engine optimization strategies and has very clean coding.

Note: Boer Goats are often misspelled as "bore goats".

While most of the sites in the portfolio are designed for Boer Goat farms, other breeds, animals and businesses can be accommodated to support just about any of your needs. Notice, which sold over $7000 in beagles in its first 4 months online. Danny Stovall sold $2400 in Anatolian Shepherds in less than a month - all from the internet! Specializes in Paint / Colored Boer Goats). Circle K Boer Goats had $8000 in goat sales in 4 months from their web page.


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Here is a listing of the pages on the design portion of the site:
Boer Goat Web Design (A short description of the niche market)
Desired Images for Web Customers (graphic instructions for clients)
Fixing Images (images fixed)
Image Fixing for Bluebird Ranch (images fixed for Bluebird)
Drawings (how to draw goats)
Transparent Drawings (other images to look through)
Iraq Drawings (a photoshop experiment)
Lighthouse Painting (another photoshop experiment)

Goat Travelers (more photoshop)



Also, here is another link for the portfolio of the sites I have published in the past few years.

W2Kx-Web - Cheap Web Hosting

Not satisfied with your Web Hosting prices and service? is perfect for small businesses and farms, as well as options cheap enough for family web pages. Services are hosted on reliable Windows 2003 Servers at very low prices. Includes PHP, MS Access, ASP, MySQL, CGI and FrontPage and much more.

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